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Pensacola, Florida

Returning to The Gulf Coast October of 2019

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Peat & pearls

Pretty & Gritty

The prettiest pearls wouldn’t exist without a little grit. And the Gulf Coast, known for its opulent, sugar-white beaches and Old-South charm, was built on the backs of fishermen, sailors and seafarers. Peat & Pearls celebrates this heritage through two of our favorite things: Scotch and oysters.

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Schedule of Events


Join us in fall of 2018 for four days of tastings, seminars and special events. New attractions are being announced monthly, so check back often to stay abreast of our offerings. 

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The Talent

Featured Artisans


Peat & Pearls will feature regional oyster appellations from across the Southeast, prepared by some of the country's best chefs. New participants are being announced monthly, so check back often to stay abreast of who will be joining us.

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Our Sponsors

Brand Partners


Peat & Pearls wouldn't be possible without the support of our sponsors and friends. If you see them, be sure to thank them for not being shellfish. If they were, we'd have to eat them.

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Downtown Pensacola

Peat & Pearls will play out in the picturesque, colonial-era seaport of Pensacola, Florida. The city, first settled by the Spanish in 1559, is only 15 minutes from the sugar-white beaches and turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico and just a three-hour drive from New Orleans. 

I do not weep at the world. I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife.
— Zora Neale Hurston
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