VIE Magazine: Old Florida meets New South on the Oyster Trail
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Close your eyes and imagine you’re on the perfect Florida vacation. What image comes to mind? A sugar-white beach, turquoise water, a smattering of palm fronds swaying in the wind?

What probably doesn’t come to mind is Apalachicola — a tiny fishing outpost perched on the knuckle of Florida’s Panhandle midway between the Alabama border, to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean, to the east.

It’s a small-type town, the kind of place you’d likely overlook if quickly scanning a map of the Sunshine State — more “maritime” than Mickey Mouse. Mayberry, not Miami Beach.

Talk to T.S. Strickland, though, and you might be persuaded you’ve been missing the best Florida has to offer all along.

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T.S. Strickland